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why do i feel like i’m living in a simulation ? (Complete Explanation)

why do i feel like i'm living in a simulation

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why do i feel like i’m living in a simulation ?

Unraveling Ancient Prophecies

According to an ancient Greek legend, one day the king of the present Egyptian city Hibis had received a prophecy that when his son was just 20 years old, he would become the king, that is, he would kill his father and marry the mother. Now this prophecy is needed. Ed Purse’s father leaves him in the forest to do this but fortunately or unfortunately a couple comes there and they adopt him. When Eddy Plus grows up a little, he Sam Haw gets the news of the prophecy and he leaves his home to stop her and angrily starts provoking her on the road. Unaware that he was the one being overpowered and the prophecy is related to his real mother anyway, his anger eventually reaches such a level that one day when he has a small argument with a man while walking, he is angry and takes his life and is late after marrying his life aka wife.

Simulation or Reality?

why do i feel like i'm living in a simulation

Are you following this story of the father? Yes yes, he killed the man and in reality his The real Pitlaya was straight and he married a new girl, she was none other than his own mother, that is, he was running away to fry the prophecy, let it come and it came true and the shows, are you both from your history and from your future. We can’t run away from Witch Max Me Think, is everything that happens in our life a fairy program or is it determined like a simulation because there was a philosopher in the third century, one day when he was sleeping, he had a dream. I saw that he was a butterfly, but as soon as his eyes opened, there were two questions in front of him, was he really Join South and a butterfly had come in his dream or was he living like a butterfly in a dream, this is the only simulation and conflict started in the middle of reality and questions started arising whether we have any say in anything or not, everything is already preset and inspired by the mind because basically it is free bill i.e. whatever action we do as per our wish.

Simulation Hypothesis

That example, I decided to pick up my phone, so these people, I picked up my phone and this is what I picked up, I took action from my free bill, right, but just think for a minute here, in the context of my picking up this phone. There was some reason behind it, right, a reason to prove to you that free bill exists, that is, some such events have happened near me which are forcing me to pick up the phone, they are influencing me and you know what. Determinism is called determinism i.e. all the events happening currently are based on past events and also all the physical events are deterministic. Don’t understand, let’s understand with the help of a simple example. Imagine it in front of you. A ball is passing, now it is obvious that the ball will not fly away from us on its own, someone must have hit it, meaning when this guy hit the ball with his free bill, then it came in front of us but the ball did not fly. Was it really his duty to hit?

what we are considering as reality

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When this guy threw a ball at him from his free bill, then he hit the ball but he must have hit the ball when a match was going on. The match was happening because someone had organized the match. And so on and so forth, how can we get a chain on the basis of how and effect i.e. whether it should happen or not, hitting the hair was already free determined right because as soon as the hair is hit, multiple stages of our brain are in a single state. No brain state is transformed into nothing but biological state and biological state means physical state and as we saw earlier all physical states are the terminus take and that is why we are also deterministic, this is because determinism says that it is in our hands. It does not mean that we cannot control those actions in reality, we can only experience them and according to scientists, this can happen only when we do a simulation. Greek philosopher plots had also proved that what we are considering as reality. He is a projected reality in reality and to prove his point, he gave Teri Pace’s Allegory of the Cave in which he basically told that whatever our senses perceive, our subconscious mind has to consider it as reality because the subconscious mind there is that part of our brain which takes instant decisions without thinking and in fact it has so much power that it controls the things which are necessary for our survival like heartbeat and blue circulation, so it basically means this. If you have learned to control your powerful subconscious mind, then the power you need is heart power, , this theory was such that Platts asked to imagine a large cave in which the prisoners were kept in such a way that they could only see the wall in front of them, then right behind them there was a fire source and a gap between them. In this, it was known that as if some thing passed in front of the fire source, its shadow would appear on the walls in front of those prisoners and those prisoners thought that that was the reality, but in reality, as you all know, it was There is only one and according to the plots, something similar happens with us too, what we are seeing is Shehiroz created by some source, we are just getting that reality because our senses are receiving it.

philosophy And Math about why do i feel like i’m living in a simulation

Now because all this These were philosophical matters and there was no scientific proof in it, that is why people refused to accept it, but there were some researchers and scientists who kept this concept in mind and got involved in proving it mathematically. In fact, John Conway, a British mathematician, To prove this, a game was even launched by the name of D. Game of Life was a simple game in which you only had to set an initial pattern, after that the game ran automatically and started creating different patterns and then As soon as many generations of those patterns are created, the initial pattern gets destroyed and the children who were patterns continue the same cycle. According to John, perhaps the same is happening with us too if we consider $1 as an atom. So on the game side, that atom will also multiply and will create more patterns, one of which is us today, but if you see friends, this observation was quite interesting, but John Conway also has us in the simulation to prove it. There was no concrete evidence and that is why to understand it on a smaller level and with clear proof, quantum mechanics entered me.

quantum mechanics

Now quantum mechanics has proved from a fundamental level perspective that we are probably living in a simulation, brother. Demonstrating D Double Straight Experiment Now many people will know about this experiment but let me explain it to you at a basic level. There is a simple experiment which gives very good results. In this, light passes through such a double slit and a screen is placed in front. But this is how interference pattern is formed. Now as we know when the crust of one wave superimposes on the side of the other wave then dark spots are formed and vice versa when the crush of both the waves or the traps of both the waves are super important. Bright spots are formed. Now everything is correct till now because waves interfere and pattern is formed but if I reduce the intensity of light so much that only one photon passes through each slit then such a pattern should be visible right because photonic particle. And the particles do not create any interference pattern like waves, but strangely even at this time we do not see an India film. Now the strangeness of this experiment does not end here because now if I place detectors in front of both the [ __ ] who are keeping an eye on these particles. Surprisingly, this interference pattern gets lapsed and photons start behaving like a particle. Now to understand why this is happening, when scientists did an experiment, they came to know that in the quantum world, future events are last events. In simple words, paste is dependent on future and due to this, Holiness breakdown occurs. Interesting scientists did another experiment which could explain causality breaking. The setup of this experiment is like double seat experiment. It was just that the scientists added a bomb splitter and a lens to it. With the help of the BIMSP leader, the scientists split the photons into two particles, one of them is captured and goes to the screen and the other to the two detectors present there.

The Cosmic CPU

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For the experiment, scientists placed the detectors at such a place that after the first leg of photons would reach the screen, they would reach the detector on the second leg and after this, when they passed the photons through the double slit, the result was that the photons were off on the first leg. Created an interference pattern on the screen, but as soon as the photons reached the detectors at the second, the interference pattern got transformed into a party color pattern, that is, this experiment proves that light can be observed when observed at the quantum level. Energy gets converted from wave state to particle state, just like in this game. Now how to understand this? As soon as you start this game, GTA V, its entire map is never rendered because computationally this is not a feasible state, that is, graphic. Why does the processor have to work so hard to render those parts of the game world that the game player is never going to see and that is why only that part is rendered that is visible on the player’s computer screen and the rest is completely rendered? The world of the game is unrendered, but as soon as a player moves towards an unrendered part, that is, observes that part on his screen, the entire part gets rendered in the blink of an eye, exactly like the observation of photons in the double slit experiment. Now friends, I don’t know if it’s coincidence and what but this similarity between double light experiment and games is quite interesting, this might mean way to be in a simulation interesting, another proof of this is constant speed. Off Light Well, any computer has a limited information transfer speed, which we call the clock speed of the CPU. If seen from this logic, our universe also has a limited information transfer speed. Speed ​​of Light, so cache means that our entire Universe is a big CPU and everything going on in it is a project simulation or else no baby because friends if we even look at mathematics then just to simulate a single spin of a quantum particle we will need 50 GB RAM like Foo and its Pins If you calculate then it will take as much computer memory as the number of atoms that do not even exist in the universe.

Navigating the Maze of Reality

why do i feel like i'm living in a simulation

That is, simulating a prince at the quantum level is next to impossible, so now leave aside the matter of atoms, conscious beans and the universe here, and if friends, we are using the simulation hypothesis. Let’s get to the root of this. It is based on the one exception that any advanced civilization would have to survive for a long time to create advanced technology, which contradicts the Great Filter Hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, an advanced civilization does not exist. Do this for a long period of time because due to technological advancement, they destroy themselves. Due to Versus and similar destructive pieces, the Synonian Hypothesis also proves the same because the chances of advanced civilization destroying itself are very high.

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