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What will happen if a niddle collides with the Earth at speed of light ?

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What will happen if a needle collides with the Earth at the speed of light?

I wanted to see how much damage it would cause, so I did some research.

Suppose the needle is made only of iron, weighs 1 gram, and travels at the speed of light.

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When it collides with Earth, its kinetic energy will be 2.19 × 10^2 billion joules, equivalent to three Tsar bombs, the largest nuclear weapons ever detonated.


The needle will undoubtedly create a hole on Earth, smaller than an asteroid due to its size but still significant enough to cause harm.
It will likely produce a huge fireball, smaller than a bomb but with a greater impact.

However, this is a highly theoretical matter, as nothing can travel at the speed of light, so there’s no need to worry.

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