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What is the Origin of MODERN Education SYSTEM ?

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Origin of middle class

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I thought a lot about the origin of the education system and found a plausible reason for it. Let’s delve into the origin of the middle class. Thousands of years ago, there were only two types of people: rulers or kings and the poor common people who worked the land. Some common people began working for the king, earning a salary and becoming slightly richer. This marked the invention of the middle class. As the middle class flourished, the common people aspired to emulate their lifestyle, leading to the evolution of the education system.

Being someone’s Bitch

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The phrase “Being someone’s bitch” reflects a harsh reality. Our primary goal is often securing a good job for a better middle-class life. This becomes the expected trajectory of our lives — educating ourselves to obtain a desirable job. Invitations to events may be declined by some due to work commitments.

The jail Theory

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The Jail Theory draws a parallel between individuals behind bars and our constrained work lives. While imprisoned individuals savor occasional enjoyable days, we too relish our limited holidays but spend the majority of our time committed to work.

Macro Comparism of life

Macro Our Comparism of life reveals that our perspective tends to shrink, comparing ourselves to those leading better lives. Jobs are portrayed as time-consuming, taking away the most valuable aspect of our lives. The lament is that despite putting in our best effort at work, we are not truly free.

Who are the Rules of the world now ?

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The article questions who the real rulers of the world are, asserting that those not coerced into working for others are the true leaders. Figures like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, who are free in their professions, are identified as the real rulers. The call to action is to change our thinking and challenge the conventional path.

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