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what existed before the birth of our universe 

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The Big Bang: A Startling Beginning

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Scientists propose that our universe originated approximately 13.7 billion years ago through the colossal event known as the Big Bang. However, the question lingers – what occupied the vast expanse before this monumental occurrence?

The Bubble Universe Theory: A Cosmic Bubble Bath

One theory posits that space predated the Big Bang, awaiting the infusion of matter and energy during this cataclysmic event. Enter the Bubble Universe Theory, suggesting our universe is a distinct bubble, isolated within a greater cosmic expanse.

The Big Bounce and Big Crunch: Cosmic Oscillations

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According to the Big Bounce and Big Crunch theory, the universe experiences a perpetual cycle of inflation and deflation. At present, our universe expands continuously. Yet, it is prophesied that, after reaching its limit, contraction will ensue, culminating in another Big Bang and the resumption of expansion.

Eternal Recurrence in Sanatan Dharma: A Cyclical Cosmos

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Echoing scientific theories, ancient wisdom in Sanatan Dharma describes the universe as cyclical. Every 31.0 trillion years, a cosmic cycle concludes, giving way to a new beginning—a concept mirrored in the Big Bounce and Big Crunch theories.

Conclusion: Navigating the Cosmic Tapestry

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Intriguingly, diverse perspectives converge on the cyclical nature of the universe, whether through scientific exploration or ancient philosophical insights. The enigma persists, inviting us to ponder the mysteries that shroud our cosmic origins.

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