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What Happened to pan am flight 914 ?Everything was lie!!!

pan am flight 914

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The Mysterious Pan am flight 914: A Journey Through Time?

pan am flight 914

A plane named pan am flight 914 that takes off in the year 1955 and lands after 37 years in 1932. Our story begins on July 2, 1955, with an American chartered plane named Douglas DC 4, which was part of Pan American World Airways and which was called pan am flight 914. It was going from an airport in New York towards Miami. The journey was about 4 hours and there were 60 passengers and six two-members present in this plane, but midway this plane disappears from the radar and never again. You must have heard many stories of missing planes and ships that never reach Miami, for which searches go on for years but no trace of them is ever found.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Now something similar happens with Douglas DC F. After a lot of research, when no trace of this plane is found, it is declared missing and the story of Douglas DC F gets buried in the pages of history, but on May 21, 1992, something happens at the airport of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which changes its history. Leaving many questions behind, the airport crew sees a plane in the sky but the surprising thing was that the plane was not visible in the air traffic control radar, so the plane contacts the control room of the airport and here The officers present, whose name was Jawan Dela Kode, become witnesses of this entire incident. When the Jawan asks the pilot of the plane the name of the plane, he tells that I am boarding DC 4 and we want to land at Miami Airport.

The Startling Revelation

Now the pilot seemed very nervous and this nervousness doubles when Juan tells him that this is not Miami but Caraca Airport in Venezuela, meaning DC F was 2200 km away from its destination and the pilot did not even know this. That he has come 37 years in the future when the pilot hears that he is at Caracas Airport instead of Miami, he gets scared and asks for permission to land at Caracas Airport. Now as soon as he gets the permission and lands at DC F Airport The pilot gets surprised after seeing the view outside. The other planes looked very new and modern and at the same time, the buildings and the people present around them looked very strange.

Unraveling the Mystery of pan am flight 914

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Same was the condition of the people outside too, all looking at that old plane. They were surprised. It seemed as if a World War II warship had landed. The people there had never even heard of a plane named DC F. And brother, it was amazing that such a plane would land at their airport. When the traffic control team of the airport talks to the pilot, the pilot comes to know that he has arrived in the year 1992 and the people at the airport were also surprised to hear that the plane they were seeing in front of them. That takeoff took place 37 years ago in the year 1955. Now on hearing this the pilot gets shocked and gets upset and immediately decides to take off from there. Last time when he was taking off from there, he had a file in his hand which A piece of paper falls on the ground and then the plane takes off. After this no one knows where the Douglas DC F went. Till date neither it reached Miami nor any passenger sitting in it has been found. The paper that the pilot had left behind was actually a calendar and that too from the year 1955, which proves that this incident was 100% true, but but but if it is so, then where did the plane that left in the year 1955 stay for 37 years and Did Douglas DC 4 travel in time?

Debunking the Mystery of pan am flight 914

It was a huge hoax, that is, a fake news. Yes, it is true that between 1947 and 1961, 22 planes named Douglas DC F were operated by Pan American World Airways. Which is also called Pan Am, but no plane named Flight LOT 914 existed. On July 2, 1955, neither did any such flight go from New York to Miami and if we look at the list of all the air accidents that happened in 1955. If we look closely, we do not see any accident named pan am flight 914. In fact, no incident with this name has ever happened in the history of aviation. United Airlines took off from Long Island MacArthur Airport in New York on April 4, 1955. Douglas DC 6 crash did happen but there is no connection between that incident and the fake incident of pan am flight 914.

The Origin of the Hoax About pan am flight 914

But now the question arises that who spread this fake news and what were the reasons that this fictional story of pan am flight 914 became so viral. Look, if we talk about the internet and social media, the entire credit for making this story viral goes to Bright Side, which is youtube0. In 2019, this channel had published this video aboutpan am flight 914, which till date has more than 19 million views. There are more views, although look, we cannot say at all that Bright Side deliberately spread this fake story. In the video, the story has been presented as real, but at one place the rater clearly says that it looks like a fashionista’s fishy right. In some sources on the internet, it has also been said that the plane had landed not in 37 but after 30 years and it had reached Karaka Airport not in 1992 but in 1985, but after all, where is the real origin of this entire fake news?

The Hoax Unveiled of pan am flight 914

Originated through this article published in Weekly World News in May 1985, it is an American newspaper agency which was active between the years 1979 to 2007 and used to publish mostly fictional stories. Now if we look at the other stories published in the same day’s newspaper. If you look at the articles, its title is ‘Star Ship Kidnaps Top Scientist’. Now here we are not talking about Elon Musk’s star ship, it is not even ready yet. Why did you break me? Actually, a story has been told in this newspaper where some scientists go to the mountains. They go for a walk in the area and there they see an alien plane flying in the air which was emitting red yellow and green light. This plane kidnaps the scientist and then after some time they meet in Nepal, that is, brother like this. So nothing ever happened. Now the interesting thing is that Weekly World News had published this article not once but twice. The first article is this and the second one is in front of you and you will look carefully in both the articles. So the witness of this entire incident is Traffic Controller Juan de la Cortado Stock Images and he has nothing to do with Douglas DC 4 or Karaka Airport However, Weekly World News did not spread this only rumor but in the year 1992, they also published this article. According to this, scientists have found Bat Boy in a cave in West Virginia. It was a creature whose half body was of humans and half of its body was of bat. In some articles, it was even claimed that America’s famous politician Hillary Clinton adopted it. Famous American singer Elvis Presley, who died in the year 1977, has been published. Many fake news about him being seen after his death were published in it, meaning whatever news you see in YouTube is just a story, a fictional story which is only shared by people. The rest was made to woo. What is your opinion about pan am flight 914 ?

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