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Mike marcum time travel Movie. 1995 to Present Shocking Story!!

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Our story begins in the year 1995 when 21-year-old Mike, after studying Electrical Engineering, was searching for a job. Since Mike had studied electrical engineering, obviously, he had a great passion for electrical equipment and experimenting with them. That’s why there was much kind of electrical equipment everywhere in his house.

mike marcum time travel movie

Mike looks for work in many places, but he doesn’t find a good job.

Now, in this situation, Mike starts experimenting at home, thinking that maybe one day he will create something that will amaze the world.

Now, after hearing all this, you might think Mike sounds a bit psycho, but in reality, it wasn’t like that. Mike was an intelligent guy, but due to coming from a poor family background, he simply didn’t have the money to fund his experiments. In fact, he had also completed his electrical engineering studies with much difficulty.

In the year 1995, Mike was working on a device called Jacob’s Ladder at his home.


mike marcum time travel movie

In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, there is a character named Jacob who sees a ladder in his dream reaching to heaven. This is called Jacob’s Ladder. This device, while operating it, if you touch it, you too will see the ladder to heaven. Jokes apart 🙂 this device creates a traveling arc using high voltage and a high-frequency power supply.

Let me simplify it a bit more. These are basically 2 conducting wires that are arranged in a V shape. Now, these are connected to the transformer from below, which creates a high potential difference and causes electrons to start jumping from one wire to another wire in an attempt to repel each other.

Here we can see an arc of electricity between the two wires, which ionizes the surrounding air. Due to such high voltage, a considerable amount of heat is also generated here, which carries the ionized air upward, and it feels as if this high-voltage arc is ascending to heaven. And that’s why it is called Jacob’s Ladder.

mike marcum time travel movie

Now, the interesting thing here is that the arc starts forming in the wires from the point where the resistance is the lowest and goes to the highest point. Now, Mike looks at the ionized air that was rising upwards due to the heat. He takes a modified compact disc laser and points it towards the terminal of the Jacob’s ladder circuit, for reducing the air resistance to obtain a continuous arc.

Now, during this process, he notices a heat mark, which was circular in shape, and upon seeing it, he becomes very curious. Now, Mike places a sheet metal screw on the location of that circular heat mark and repeats the entire experiment.

Now, according to Mike Marcum, upon doing this, the screw disappears for a moment and then reappears a few feet away from its original position. It means, in that moment, the screw had TIME-TRAVELED.


Now, seeing this, the idea of creating a time machine is born in Mike’s mind. Now, he wishes to sit and travel to the future and he wanted to come back knowing the lottery ticket number so that he could win the lottery and with that money, he could continue his experiments.

But during his experiments, Mike was constantly facing a problem, and that was the repeated burning of the compact disc laser. Mike needed high voltage electricity along with large and powerful transformers.

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Mike considers buying these transformers, but they were too expensive for him. One day, Mike’s attention turns to the 6 transformers at the nearby Saint Joseph Light and Power generating station, and he decides to use them for his experiments.

Now, Mike steals these transformers and also manages to arrange free electricity from the power station by setting up underground wiring. But Mike Marcum’s this idea got flop, and there is a big explosion there. Not only that, due to this, there is a blackout in a large area as well.


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Now, after some time, on the day of January 29, 1995, Mike got arrested. Mike admits to the theft of transformers in front of the judge in court and spends the next few months in jail.

Now, after getting released, Mike Marcum had become famous in his area. Well, when Mike is released from jail, Coast to Coast Radio host Art Bell invites him to his show.

what is my source of this article ?

Now, whatever story I am telling you, I have not personally seen this. Actually, Mike had told all this on Art Bell’s show. He also accepts that he was trying to build a Time Machine.

However, even after inhaling the air of jail, the ghost of building a Time Machine did not leave Mike’s mind, and he talks about starting his experiments again. But, Mike said that this time he is going to do everything legally, and the last time he had no intention of stealing. But he didn’t have the money to conduct experiments, which is why he stole that.

Now, during the interview, Mike gives his number, and for the next 3 days, he got many calls. People wanted to know about Mike’s idea and wanted to meet him. And among all these, many people also provide funding to Mike, and some even bring spare parts for him.


After receiving so much support, Mike starts working on building his time machine, and now his plans were to make it even bigger and more powerful. The time machine that was initially going to run on a few kilowatts of electricity, now its demand had increased to 3 Megawatts.

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Now, about a year later, in the year 1996, Art Bell once again invites Mike Marcum to his show and asks about the progress of the time machine from him. Mike tells them that he is only 30 days away from building the Time Machine. Meaning, in the next approximately one month, their time machine is going to be ready, and it will be so big that a whole person can travel in it. And obviously, that person was going to be Mike himself.


Now, according to Mike, he had conducted quite a few experiments to build the time machine, and some of these experiments included hamsters and guinea pigs. They conducted these experiments on about 200 objects, in which each time the objects suddenly disappeared and then reappeared at a distance from their original location after some time.

In fact, Mike also claimed that he himself has time-traveled once. Now, during this time, he had advanced 2 years and 2 months ahead in time and appeared 800 miles away from his home. And later, as usual, he had come back.

Now at the end of the show, Mike also tells the audience his home address. Now, behind this, their intention was that when he returns after time-traveling and wins the lottery to earn a lot of money, people can see their luxurious home and wealth, and they would believe that Mike Marcum had indeed time-traveled. Mike also says that he will take his phone with him.

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A few days after this show, in the year 1997, Mike Marcum announces that he is going to time travel, and then one day, he suddenly disappears.

Now, even after nearly 27 years have passed, there is still no clue found about Mike Marcum, and this case has remained a very big mystery. But the real mystery is still yet to come.

After Mike’s disappearance, several phone calls come in on Art Bell’s show, in which mention was made of an old crime case in America. Actually, in the 1930s decade, the police found a dead body on the beach in California, whose demeanor was quite similar to that of Mike Marcum.

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This dead body was found inside a strange metallic tube, and a strange device was also found near the body

, whose description is similar to today’s cell phone.

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So, did Mike Marcum really time travel here? But if he wanted to go to the future, then how did his body end up in the past? Now, it’s possible that they got stuck in a time loop and ended up in the past instead of the future.

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However, what do you think about it? Is this mystery really a truth? Could this story be a reality? Did Mike Marcum really build a time-traveling machine, or is it all a lie? What do you think? Should we try to discover the real truth behind it by studying it more, and do you want to hear more time-traveling stories like this? Definitely let me know by writing in the comments section below.

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