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How is a black hole formed ? Which came First Galaxy or Black Hole

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Unraveling the Cosmic Enigma

how is a black hole formed

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For a long time, scientists believed that the formation of black holes took place only after the creation of the first star and galaxy in the universe. The question of whether black holes or galaxies came first remained a perplexing cosmic puzzle.

Shifting Paradigms

how is a black hole formed

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In the realm of modern astronomy, the prevailing notion was that black holes formed only after a supernova explosion in a star. This led to the prevailing idea that galaxies must have predated black holes in the universe. However, recent revelations challenge this established paradigm.

Webb Space Telescope’s Revelation

how is a black hole formed

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Observations from the James Webb Space Telescope have overturned traditional beliefs. These revelations showcase the presence of supermassive black holes since the very beginning of the universe. The enigmatic role of these cosmic entities is now at the forefront of astronomical discussions.

Cosmic Accelerators

how is a black hole formed

The newfound understanding points towards supermassive black holes not only coexisting with the universe’s inception but also playing a pivotal role in accelerating the formation of stars and, subsequently, galaxies. This cosmic acceleration challenges our previous assumptions about the cosmic timeline.

Galactic Puzzles

how is a black hole formed

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Today, supermassive black holes persist at the heart of galaxies, binding these cosmic structures with their immense gravitational force. The mysteries surrounding the origin of these black holes in the early universe add layers of complexity to our comprehension of galactic evolution.

Binding the Cosmos

how is a black hole formed

While supermassive black holes maintain their presence in the center of galaxies, the question of their origin in the early universe remains an unsolved enigma. Their role in keeping galaxies bound to themselves adds another dimension to our understanding of the cosmic forces shaping the vastness of the cosmos.

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