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What Happened to hisashi ouchi after radiation ? Most radioactive Man

hisashi ouchi after radiation

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Introduction of hisashi ouchi after radiation

This story starts on 30 September 1999 when Japan nuclear fuel. Three employees of the conversion company, known as JCO, were preparing nuclear fuel for the Joio Experimental Fast Breeder Reaction inside the company’s Tokai factory.

The Nuclear Fuel Preparation Mishap

Nuclear fuel is basically a nuclear material which is produced through nuclear fusion turbines inside a nuclear reactor. Now this nuclear fission process is the process through which a nuclear reactor generates energy and it creates nuclear fuel and this nuclear fuel is made from three major isotopes: Uranium 233, Uranium 235. And when they were preparing nuclear fuel in Plutonium 23 Na JCO Tokapal, they made a small mistake.

The Catastrophic Chain Reaction

hisashi ouchi after radiation

What happened was that they put enriched urinary nitrate solution at 18.8 in a vessel which had more radioactive chemicals inside it than the critical level. It was stored and as soon as they did so, they saw a bright blue light coming from the tank. What happened next was that due to the chemical imbalance, an unexpected and uncontrolled chain reaction started to occur and within a few seconds, all the gamma radiation alarm sounds in the entire facility started sounding. All three They knew that something very bad had happened to them and everyone quickly moved away from that vessel as much as possible but unfortunately it was still too late. As soon as the accident happened, Hisa and Masa started having unbearable pain all over their bodies.

Devastating Health Impacts

He started feeling nauseous and even started having difficulty in breathing. As soon as he reached the containment center, he vomited. All three workers present closest to the gent site became unconscious. Within a short time, everyone was hospitalized and after examining their bodies, it was found that That they are beyond anything that had ever happened to anyone in medical history. hisashi ouchi after radiation Sho was exposed to more than 17 Sieverts of radiation, Masa Sho was exposed to 10 Sieverts of radiation and Utah’s body was irradiated to the level of three Sieverts.

Understanding Radiation Exposure

hisashi ouchi after radiation

Now this figure Before knowing how dangerous it is, you have to understand what Sieverts is. Now see, just as grams are used to measure weight and centimeters are used for height, in the same way, how much radiation has been absorbed by a biological body. The unit used for this is Sievert. Now, how much more is this number than the exposure of workers. Let us understand that according to the data of US NRC, an average American is in today’s date when radiating equipments like mobile phones and digital gadgets are all around us. It sits in between and receives about 620 millirems of radiation annually. Now 620 millirems is equal to 6.2 millisieverts and there are about 1000 millisieverts in one sievert. Now if we look at it according to this equation, In just a few seconds, Hisa Sh’s body had received 2742 times more radiation than the amount of radiation a human receives in a year.

Unfolding Tragedy

Now, if this figure seems less to you, then consider it as a situational comparison: Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Bing. The body of the terrorist, who had taken the lives of lakhs of people standing several kilometers away, had absorbed the highest energy and radiation that was estimated at its hippo center, i.e. the impact point where the bomb had fallen.

Agonizing Decline

Making him the most radioactive man on the planet. Now after some time, as soon as information about the incident was received, Hisa’s wife and his small son reached the hospital. Looking at Hisa, it did not seem as if anything had happened to his face. He was a little swollen and his eyes were red and similar redness was visible on his face too, but apart from his head, there was no defect in the rest of his body, neither were there any blisters anywhere on the body nor were there any burns anywhere. There were scars but Hisa Sh had complained of pain near his hands and ears.

Heartbreaking Loss

Now the doctors were amazed as to how this man and his body were in such good condition despite being exposed to so much radiation. But Hisa Sh might have been hurt by his loved ones. Within 24 hours, he suddenly started having difficulty in breathing. He had experienced this even just after the accident, due to which he got relief in between, but now his condition was getting worse. As if he was not able to breathe and seeing him struggling, the doctors immediately gave him oxygen, but this was not his only problem.

The Aftermath and Legal Action

The doctors noticed that his abdomen seemed more swollen than yesterday. When his condition started worsening, about 3 days after the accident, Hisa was admitted to the emergency room of Tokyo Hospital and all his reports were done because the doctors were not able to seriously figure out what was happening in his body. Six When the doctors got the report, it was unbelievers. When they were looking at the image of the chromosomes present in Hisa’s bone marrow, instead of chromosomes or normal pattern, they were seeing only scattered black dots, which was unusual and then the doctor figures.

Lessons Learned

hisashi ouchi after radiation

The meaning of this image was that due to the radiation impact, Hisa’s bone marrow and chromosomes had started breaking into pieces and since these were not being repaired, it meant that That her body had stopped producing new cells. Doctors told the family that they needed to get stem cells transplanted as soon as possible and luckily her sister agreed to donate blood stem cells. Basically you can understand stem cells in simple language.

Cells can be considered as the raw material from which other specialized cells are generated and created, depending on the condition in which those stem cells are kept. Now for example, there are many types of cells in the body like cardiac cells, blood cells, nerve cells, etc. but All these primers used to be the same type of stem cells which evolve or develop into the current form according to their environment.

Tragic Conclusion

Doctors thought that maybe the body would respond but this was not happening. The kind of permanent damage caused by radiation. Hisa’s body was not able to recover from what was given to him. New stem cells were not being formed in hisa’s body. Now no matter how hard he tried, new stem cells were not being formed. And the cells which were getting damaged due to radioactive effects were also not being repaired. Even when nothing happened for two-three weeks, the doctors had somehow accepted that the revival of the brain would now be difficult.

Continuing Tragedy

hisashi ouchi after radiations immune system was destroyed where there were almost zero white blood cells left in his body. Now he was kept in a special treatment ward to ensure that he does not get affected by the same pathology as the other patients present in the hospital, but still his His health was deteriorating. After 10 days, he started feeling very thirsty and no matter how much water he drank, the pain and urgency of his thirst was not reducing. He had become so vulnerable that when the doctors removed the medical tape from his body, Hitashi’s skin was torn along with the tape. Of course, this was a very painful thing, but what was even more painful was that Hisa’s body was filled with new cells. Due to which the skin covered with medical tapes was not healing. The epidermis is the uppermost part of the skin of the human body which protects the delicate parts below it from getting damaged.

Legal Repercussions and Compensation

She was completely exhausted in the accident. About two weeks after the accident, she had stopped eating food or in other words, she was unable to eat food. To keep her alive, the doctors started feeding her intravenously. In common parlance, this is a process in which nutrients are delivered through fluid into the patient’s veins. Due to the absence of epidermis in the body, his pain increased and every equipment like needle etc. which was too much in his body was not available to him like a knife.

Tragic Losses and Lasting Impact

One by one, many of his organs started failing and medical alternatives were used on him. About 2 months after the accident, he had his first heart attack and his breathing stopped but the doctors managed to revive him. Hisa Sh’s condition was worse than death and he was facing death not every day but every hour. There were blisters all over his body. His skin was gone. Neither person could breathe properly because the lungs were almost unresponsive. Because the body was not able to sleep, leave alone the ability to walk, it remained just a corpse which was always lying down, which neither got food in the mouth nor any other pleasure. On the contrary, medical needles were inserted into its body every day. It used to prick me like a dagger due to which he could not even express his pain. Now Hisa’s wife wished that he should remain alive till January 1 so that he can see the beginning of the new century, but fate may have approved something else.

Continuing Tragedy and Loss

About 83 days after the accident, on December 21, at around 11:2 pm, his son had a heart attack and after examination, it was declared that due to multiple organ failure, his son, a beautiful young man with a wife and children, has now passed away from this world.

Further Victims and Fallout

Now two more victims of this incident, Masa To Sinha and Yoko Kawa of Utah were also not spared from the effects of radiation due to cancer, internal bleeding and multiple organ failure. On April 27, 2000, about 7 months after the accident, Masa To Had also died, however, Yuta, who had been exposed to comparatively less radiation than both of them, got himself treated in China for 3 months and then recovered and came back.

Legal Accountability and Compensation

Now when the proceedings were held later, the court arrested six officials of the company. JCO was held guilty of negligence in this incident. Utah was one of those six. By September 2000, the company collectively paid 121 million dollars to 6875 people as compensation and got an agreement signed that none of them would sue JCO in the future.

Lessons Learned and Safety Measures

This incident opened the eyes of the law that how much risk is there in radiation-related jobs and what is the plight of the employees in comparison to that risk. They were neither given safety equipment nor proper training and due to this negligence, they were laughed at. The playing families were ruined. After this, provisions were made in Japan with great force to follow the safety measures and then everything became normal.

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