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3 Mind-Blowing Science Facts That Will Amaze You

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Human Body is 60% Made of Water

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Hello everyone, I am water. Well, not entirely water, but if you were to squeeze my body, that would indeed be very painful for me. However, you would discover that 60% of my 60 kg body is made up of water, totaling 36 kg.

If you find this unsatisfying, you can disassemble every piece of my body cell, extract every DNA strand, uncoil them, and combine them into a linear chain. With that chain, you could journey to the sun! After completing a round trip to the sun and back to Earth 50 times with the remaining chain, you could circumnavigate the Earth’s equator over 29,000 times.

If your mind is struggling to comprehend this, please refrain from exerting any pressure on your brain, as it is the most complex organ in the universe.
Within the human brain lies an intricate network of 86 billion neurons. Counting every second in a neuron would take more than 2,725 years. That’s an extensive amount of time!

Do you know what the smallest possible unit of time is? It’s called the Planck time.

Definition of Planck time:


If anything moves at the speed of light, covering the smallest distance known as the Planck length, the time it takes is called the Planck time, which amounts to 5.39 × 10-44 seconds. Now, you can grasp the incredibly small nature of this time period.

To put that number into perspective, if you designate a slice of a second as Planck time, you can create 18.552 tredecillion slices. One tredecillion consists of 42 zeros following 1 .

In total, this is a 44-digit long number.

Magic of A Deck of card:

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If you think the previous number is substantial, consider taking a deck of cards, giving it a shuffle, and obtaining a specific serial. This is just one of many serials. By making 52! factorial serials with a deck of cards, one of them ends up in your hand.

What that implies, excluding this, is that there are 52! factorial – 1 other serials in existence. This is a 68-digit number. For more fascinating articles like this, share this article with your friends and comment below; it will motivate me.

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